SEA and ANZ Automation Services Market, Forecast to 2021

Consulting Services for New Technologies and Maintenance Services for Existing Projects will be Vital to Automation Service Revenue
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Published: 12 Sep 2017

The study analyses the different kinds of automation services across SEA and ANZ. Services is one of the major sources of revenue but in order to achieve higher manufacturing standards, the quality of the workforce needs to improve as well. With new technologies such as Big Data analytics and the Cloud offering limitless opportunities, manufacturers are looking to cash in. However, it is not easy to achieve and requires seamless integration at multiple touch points. In this scenario, it is possible to clearly see that SEA is among the major regions that help end users maintain and improve their share in the region. Manufacturers have started to understand the need for improved productivity and the savings new technologies can bring to them. With most governments supporting FDI, many companies have begun to invest in technology, but there needs to be a meticulous approach to executing projects, which is possible to achieve only through innovative practices. The advantages of new technologies in the manufacturing landscape are numerous, and these benefits are already being seen in North America and Europe. With most multinationals having global presence, automation services will soon become a key source of revenue for most manufacturing companies. There have been several developments in the automation industry, and many are expected to have a direct impact on the industry in future. Key opportunities lie in training of employees and focus on investment in new technologies. Research Scope: • Value chain for automation services across SEA and ANZ • Revenue forecast by country, end users and trends within each • Best practices by leading suppliers • Market development strategies Key Questions this Study will Answer: • What is the current scenario in the automation services market and what potential does the market hold for the coming years? • What type of automation services is witnessing demand and what factors are impacting the demand for such services? • Who are the major end users that drive the automation services market and what are the revenues at the country level? • How will new technologies such as IIoT and cloud services impact the landscape? • What factors do end users look at while approaching an automation vendor for retrofits and other services? This study provides information on various types of automation services offered by industrial automation and process control systems suppliers. It considers the developments in the manufacturing space and new technologies that will require support from automation vendors. It discusses the latest approach in executing large-scale automation projects and the drivers and restraints that will impact the industry. Market share, trends that affect the industry, and data for key end users are provided. Attributes that end uses look for when considering automation solutions is discussed in a separate section. Another section is devoted to the distribution structure and the key resellers across SEA and ANZ.



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