Middle East Homeland Security Market, 2015

Post-Arab-Spring Opportunities to Bring in $17.05 Billion by 2021
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Published: 4 Apr 2017

The Middle Eastern Homeland Security market will grow at a CAGR of 15.5% to achieve $17.05 billion by 2021, strongly driven by government initiatives to create a smart and secure environment amidst high terrorist activities in the region. The Middle Eastern Homeland Security market registered a revenue of $7.19 billion in 2015. Frost and Sullivan defines the Middle Eastern Homeland Security market as comprising three market segments: Monitoring and Surveillance Systems, Restricted Entry Systems and Perimeter Security Solutions. Each segment has unique trends which are expected to drive the market in the identified verticals: Government, O&G and Transportation. This report focuses on the way these segments will grow by 2021, and the opportunities that are available for the companies participating in this space. Despite cuts in military budgets and spending, the governments’ focus towards procuring smart and intelligent security solutions to preserve internal security has remained undeterred. Clearly laid out regulations help companies identify the needs of a particular vertical, but the challenge is to provide appealing value additions while keeping the cost factor in mind. In country-wise analysis, Saudi Arabia will have largest market share of 45.9% of the total market. Factors such as being host to several major events such as Dubai Expo 2020 and Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 provide lucrative opportunities which can be utilized effectively with a sound strategic plan. Market revenue in this report was derived from discussions with industry participants, review of company annual reports, secondary sources and information gathered from Frost & Sullivan’s in-house database. The base year for the analysis is 2015, and the forecast period is 2016 to 2021. Revenue is provided in US dollars. Key Questions This Study Will Answer 1. What is the state of the planned investments on Internal Security? 2. What are the growing trends in the Middle Eastern Homeland Security Market? 3. What are the trends and growth pattern of identified segments: Monitoring and Surveillance Systems, Restricted Entry Systems and Perimeter Security Solutions? 4. What opportunities does the market hold for Tier II and Tier III players? 5. What are the strategies that companies can make use of to exploit the opportunity at hand? Frost & Sullivan has determined that rising trends such as integrated solutions, among the segments, will be a game changer in the coming years. System Integrators and Designers will have ample opportunities for growth. The shift towards smart solutions is a key growth driver in the long run, as the infrastructure of the economies is set to develop over the new few years. The study provides an understanding of the opportunities and requirements of each segment and end-user vertical to help the reader make informed decisions.



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