Automation and Process Control Systems Market in Japan, Forecast to 2021

Automotive and Electronics Exports Will Be Vital to the Growth of Automation Suppliers
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Published: 8 Nov 2017

This factbook provides an understanding on the market revenue generated by major automation products and solutions in Japan. Japan is one of the most important markets in Asia and the world. Because the country is receptive to implementing new technologies in its manufacturing industry, automation vendors are likely to focus on Japan more. Japan is a major exporter of automobiles, electronics, and semi-conductors. Robotics is also a major industry in the region, as precision is needed in most applications due to the speed of output. Manufacturers in Japan also look at safety, ergonomics, and reliability while developing automation products. In other words, value add is an important factor for manufacturers and Japanese automation and process control systems suppliers are able to ensure this, along with cost-optimization, to the best possible extent. The latest developments in design and deployment of remote terminal units (RTUs), which helps control machinery on the manufacturing floor along with wireless technologies, have opened up major opportunities for factory automation market in Japan. Since smart manufacturing looks at technologies involving sensors to track and improve agility and reduce inefficiencies, manufacturing in Japan will most likely benefit from newer technologies as the country looks to retain and improve its manufacturing standards internationally. Also, because energy regulations are gaining prominence, safety systems will be suitably designed with process control systems—further contributing to its growth. Automation is set to become very important due to the declining workforce, and as a country that extensively uses automation technologies, Japan will be a major market in the years to come. Six out of the top ten vehicle manufacturers in the world are based in Japan. There is also intense competition from regional companies and technology is often leaked out to external agencies, thereby hindering growth prospects. However, there is also a strong focus on product quality and lean manufacturing, which has made the country a leading developer and supplier of automation equipment and process control systems despite the problems. Companies such as Yokogawa, Mitsubishi Electric, and Omron are among the best in the world and all of these companies are highly sought after for their control products by the Japanese manufacturing industry. This factbook provides information on the market shares of participants, the major end users of automation and process control systems, and the distribution structure. The forecast period is from 2017 to 2021. This factbook discusses the trends in each of the products and provides a competitive analysis.



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