Smart Cities of India, 2016–2021

Strategic Analysis of Six Prioritised Smart City Projects and Opportunities in India
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Published: 28 Dec 2017

In order to sustain the rapid urbanization in India, the Government of India/Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) launched the “Smart City Mission” in 2015. Through the Smart City Mission, the Government of India announced its intention to develop 109 cities as Smart Cities over next 5 years. Smart Cities in next 5 years are expected to create business opportunities, job opportunities, and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Rapid urbanization and digital escalation are driving smart city investments in India. Around 40% of the total Indian population is likely to live in urban regions in 2030, and cities will account for 70% of India’s GDP in 2030. The Government of India will mainly focus on 6 major components of smart cities with emphasis on the restoration of slum areas, development of intelligent transport, and expansion of utility network. Cities as a part of Smart Cities Mission program will include two categories of development strategies: area-based development and pan-city development. In all, 74% of the proposed capital investment will be used for area-based development of the smart cities; 41% of the investment is through smart city mission grant. In January 2016, the Indian Government announced the first list of 20 cities. These 20 cities are in the phase of implementing the projects that were identified in their respective Smart City Proposals. This research service provides an analysis of the proposed investments by top 6 cities chosen on the basis of economic growth and opportunities. Cities such as Bhubaneswar, Pune, Surat, and Ahmedabad have promising growth potential in the next 5 years and also have high investment opportunities in the smart city proposals. Smart city projects such as urban redevelopment and housing, buildings and waterfront development and row design, intelligent traffic management, and public transport will account for 50% of the proposed capital investment. Public-private partnership will be playing a significant role in India’s Smart City Mission. One-fourth of the smart city fund is sourced through public-private partnership. This research will provide a detail analysis of the funding and project implementation models of the 6 prioritised smart cities in India. It will also evaluate the various smart city initiatives and projects across the 6 smart cities to identify the potential sectors that would drive future opportunities. This research service also ascertains potential opportunities for businesses based on the analysis of the proposed smart city initiatives or investments of the top 6 prioritized smart cities.



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