Agriculture and Nutrition Opportunity Engine Series—Trends, Opportunities, and Innovation in the European Food and Beverage Market, 2017

Europe Remains Strong on the Innovation Front, Supporting Companies’ Ability to Stay Innovative
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Published: 4 Sep 2017

This growth opportunity series investigates the trends in the European food and beverage market, identifies companies that are taking advantage of these trends through innovations, and highlights opportunities that still exist in the market. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a relatively small group of health conditions places a large disease burden on Europe, leading to a more concerted effort in tackling the causes of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through healthy eating. Consequently, the European agriculture and nutrition supply chain has a relatively strong reputation of safe and traceable foods worldwide. The main impact of these industry trends is that manufacturers across the supply chain have to innovate continuously to have a competitive advantage, while still tackling the challenges caused by the burden of diseases. Europe remains strong on the innovation front because of the high level of collaboration, thus supporting various companies’ ability to stay innovative.


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