Global Advances in Electronic/Chip Packaging (Technical Insights)

The research service discusses global trends in electronic/chip packaging. It discusses in detail, development and adoption trends of advanced packaging technologies like System-in-Package (SiP) and 3D packaging. It further highlights the new developments in this sector.
Published: 31 Dec 2007

1. Executive Summary
        1. Scope and Methodology
                  1. Scope
                  2. Methodology
        2. Research Overview and Key Findings
                  1. Research Overview
                  2. Key Findings
2. Chip Packaging--Technology Outlook
        1. Technology Evolution in the Silicon IC Industry
                  1. Introduction to Chip Packaging Technologies
                  2. Growth Patterns in the Silicon IC Industry
        2. Advanced Chip Packaging -- Technology Primer
                  1. System in Package (SiP)
                  2. System on Chip (SoC)
                  3. Stacked Die Packages
                  4. Stacked Packages
                  5.  Multi-Chip Module (MCM)
                  6. SoC versus SiP
        3. Adoption Factors for the Chip Packaging Industry
                  1. Industry Challenges
                  2. Technology Drivers and Restraints
3. Technology Enablers for Chip Packaging
        1. Wafer and Surface Mount Technologies
                  1. Trends in the Wafer Industry--Evolution of SOI
                  2. Advances in Surface Mount Devices Placement Technology
        2. Interconnect Technologies and Signal Integrity
                  1. Interconnects--Technologies and Processes
                  2. Signal Integrity and Modeling--Issues and Challenges
4. Technology Development and Adoption Postures in Chip Packaging Industry
        1. Technology Trends
                  1. 3D Integration--Winning Edges and Technology Gaps
                  2. Evaluation of the Technology Development Chain
                  3. 3D Integration--Adoption Factors
        2. 3D Integration Industry Trends; Analyst Insights
                  1. Industry Outlook on 3D Integration
                  2. Analyst Insights
5. Noteworthy Development Initiatives in the Chip Packaging Industry
        1. Innovative Chip and Board Packaging Technologies--World
                  1. Innovative Interconnect Technologies for IC Packaging--USA
                  2. Innovative SiP-Based Multiradio Solution--USA
                  3. Integrated Modular Board Technology–Finland
        2. Signal Integrity and IP Developments--World
                  1. Advanced High-Speed Metallic Interconnects--USA
                  2. Flexible Modeling Solutions for High-Speed Interconnects--Germany
                  3. High-Speed Field Solutions for Next Generation IC Packages-- USA
                  4. Electromagnetic Band-Gap Technology for Noise Suppression in Packages--USA
                  5. High-Speed Design Tools for Signal Integrity--USA
6. Key Patents and Contacts in the Chip Packaging Industry
        1. Key Patents Related to this Sector
                  1. Patents I
                  2. Patents II
        2. Key Contacts
                  1. Corporate Contacts
                  2. Universities and Research Labs
7. Decision Support Database
        1. Decision Support Database Tables
                  1. Electronic Components Contribution to Electronics Industry--World (2002 to 2012)
                  2. Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment Market--World (2002 to 2012)
                  3. Manufacturing Enterprises--World (2002 to 2012)
                  4. Contribution of Manufacturing Industry to GDP--World (2002 to 2012)
                  5. Number of Service Enterprises--World (2002 to 2012)
                  6. PCB Sales--World (2002 to 2012)
                  7. Consumer Electronics Contribution to the Electronics Industry (Percentage)--World (2002 to 2012)

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