North American IoT Cloud Market, 2016

This market insight presents an analysis of the North American Internet of Things (IoT) cloud market. It describes the key challenges addressed by cloud-based solutions for IoT lifecycle management. For instance, common industry challenges in IoT application development include lack of standardization, rapid lifecycle of devices (and device components), longer time-to-market for new IoT applications, and lack of qualified personnel to develop new applications. This research provides the key enterprise considerations for selecting an IoT cloud vendor. Also, a high-level analysis of the economic benefits of using an IoT cloud solution is presented as well as estimates on the total market opportunity for IoT cloud solution providers.
Published: 12 Apr 2016

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Market Overview and Key Definitions
    • Defining IoT
    • IoT Platform Layers
    • Role of IoT Cloud in Driving New Product and Service Innovation
    • IoT Platform Segmentation
  3. Key Industry Challenges
    • Complexity of New Solution Development and Deployment
    • Need for Appropriate Data Management
    • Challenges According to the Company Type
  4. How IoT Cloud Solutions Can Help
    • IoT Cloud vs. DIY-IoT Application Approach
  5. Key Market Trends
    • Strong Growth of Connected At-home Consumer Products
    • From Connected Device Management to Connected Product Management—Focus on Value-added Services
    • Combination of Connectivity Management and Application Enablement Functionality
    • Introduction of IoT-specific PaaS Solutions
    • IoT in Advertising and Commerce
  6. Key Considerations for Selecting an IoT Cloud Platform
  7. Assessing the Market Opportunity for IoT Cloud Solutions
    • Estimating the Market Opportunity for the IoT Cloud
    • Key Considerations
  8. The Last Word
  9. Legal Disclaimer
  10. The Frost & Sullivan Story

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