Global Smartphones & Mobile OS Market, Forecast to 2023

Smartphones run complete operating system software that provides a standardized interface and platform for application developers. Chinese manufacturers have emerged as true competitors to the traditional powerhouses - Apple and Samsung. Manufacturing and screen technologies continue to advance, and as a result, wearable smartphones are just around the corner. As wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to advance, smartphones have emerged as the 'hub' for a more connected life. This excel based market engineering deliverable provides global smartphone and mobile OS metrics and forecasts. Market measurements include smartphone unit shipments and revenue from 2017-2023. Market segmentation is by region, manufacturer, and operating system (OS). Since arriving in 2007 with the initial release of the iPhone, smartphones have drastically changed the way consumers communicate, educate, and entertain themselves. As more and more smartphones models come to market, a wave of innovative features and functionality have driven the adoption of advanced devices. Processing power, memory, components, and screens have all continued to see great advances. One of the key advances has been flexible screens which allows for the future creation of more sophisticated smartphones. What will be the next game changer and where are the growth opportunities? Home automation and automotive connectivity/entertainment are expected to be two key markets that the smartphone will impact in coming years. Customers are looking to seamlessly migrate their user experience from the home environment to their vehicle, without interruption. Moreover, accessories continue to be a huge market opportunity. While current accessories continue to flood the market, there are more opportunities that can be created through the design of the smartphone itself. For example, modular hardware designs for smartphones will create the opportunity for simple add-on products and accessories such as high-end cameras, credit card readers, scanners, keyboards, and a number of other devices. Frost & Sullivan encourages smartphone manufacturers to explore smartphone designs that allow for modular accessories to be attached/detached by the customer. Finally, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) provide a key opportunity for smartphone manufacturers through accessories. Integrating an AR device with the processing power of a smartphone creates a key opportunity to transform devices such as glasses or heads up displays on vehicles, allowing customers to add on devices that enhance their customer experience. Frost & Sullivan encourages smartphone manufacturers to explore VR and AR applications that can drive the adoption of expandable or connectable accessories to provide customers with advanced AR functionalities.
Published: 15 Feb 2018

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