Analysis of the Global Cloud Access Security Broker Market (CASB), Forecast 2021

The Frost & Sullivan report analyzes the global market for Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).The CASB market has seen high growth in the last few years as organizations are quickly addressing their needs driven by users turning to cloud apps at an increasing rate. Users in organizations want to get their jobs done quickly, easily and with more flexibility than traditional computing tools allow. They are turning to cloud apps in such services as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. In addition to well known apps sanctioned by IT (Office 365, Google G Suites, Box, Dropbox, AWS, Azure, etc.) there are a great many unsanctioned apps being used. Data moving to the cloud puts it at risk for malware. Increasing user mobility and BYOD results in data taken outside of an organization’s security perimeter, exposing their business to risk. Coud services pose security challenges putting pressure on security teams, thus fueling the growth of CASB. The basic pillars or features of CASB are Visibility, Access Control, Threat Protection, Data Security, and Compliance. Two camps are emerging: pure play CASBs and large security vendors adding CASB to a broad cloud security solution. Several startups are emerging and there has been intense M&A activity in recent years. Cloud apps are a new opportunity for hackers to gain access to an organization's data and its network. CASB has developed quickly from just being used for shadow IT. It is an important tool to monitor cloud usage and also implement security. CASB is a small but fast growing market in a state of flux.
Published: 24 Oct 2017

  • Top 20 Cloud Services, 2Q 2017
  • Market Overview—CASB Partnerships
  • Total CASB Market—Revenue Forecast
  • Total CASB Market—Percent Revenue Forecast by Region
  • Total CASB Market—Percent Revenue Forecast by Business Segment
  • Total CASB Market—Percent Revenue Forecast by Market Verticals
  • Total CASB Market—Market Share
  • Total CASB Market—Market Shares 2015 v 2016
  • Total CASB Market—Market Shares Gains 2016
  • Regional Distribution of Revenue of the Major Market Participants—2016
  • Business Segment Distribution of Revenue of the Major Market Participants—2016
  • Total CASB Market—Revenue Forecast by Vertical Market
  • Vertical Market Distribution of Revenue of the Major Market Participants—2016
  • SMB Segment—Revenue Forecast
  • SMB Segment—Market Share
  • Midsize Segment—Revenue Forecast
  • Midsize Segment—Market Share
  • Large Segment—Revenue Forecast
  • Large Segment—Market Share
  • Enterprise Segment—Revenue Forecast
  • Enterprise Segment—Market Share
  • Large Enterprise Segment—Revenue Forecast
  • Large Enterprise Segment—Market Share
  • North America Market—Revenue Forecast
  • North America—Market Share
  • North America—Market share 2015 v 2016
  • EMEA Market—Revenue Forecast
  • EMEA—Market Share
  • EMEA—Market Share 2015 v 2016
  • Asia-Pacific Market—Revenue Forecast
  • Asia-Pacific—Market Share
  • Asia-Pacific—Market Share 2015 v 2016
  • CALA Market—Revenue Forecast
  • CALA—Market Share
  • CALA—Market Share 2015 v 2016
  • Acronyms and Terms Defined

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