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The Digital Identification competitive market is undergoing dramatic transition. The growing demand for open platforms, particularly Java cards, and the need for interoperability have given rise to independent Java OS companies that have an impact on the Digital Identification value chain.

Title Published
World Government Smart Card Markets 23 Feb 2009
Asia Pacific Smart Card Outlook 2009 10 Feb 2009
Opportunities in Nascent Applications for Smart Cards in Asia Pacific 09 Jan 2009
World One Time Password (OTP) and USB Key Authentication Products Market 31 Dec 2008
Asia Pacific Contactless Smart Card Market 31 Dec 2008
World Contactless Smart Cards Markets 31 Dec 2008
APAC e-Passport Market 10 Dec 2008
World Banking and Loyalty Smart Card Market 04 Dec 2008
World Smart Card Platforms Market 03 Dec 2008
World Smart Card Market 01 Dec 2008
World SIM Smart Card Market 29 Nov 2008
Frost & Sullivan Awards for Various Role of SIM 25 Nov 2008

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