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The Digital Identification competitive market is undergoing dramatic transition. The growing demand for open platforms, particularly Java cards, and the need for interoperability have given rise to independent Java OS companies that have an impact on the Digital Identification value chain.

Title Published
Biometrics: The key to your digital identity?
Digital Identity solutions are quickly evolving to better fit consumer's requirements
07 Oct 2016
2016 Global Smart Card Forecaster
A Competitive Market with Growing Demand for the Medium Term
23 Jun 2016
Asia-Pacific Data Center Services Market, 2016
Security, Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning Solutions to be Main Focus Areas as Explosive Digital Demand Triggers Market Take-Off
26 Apr 2016
APAC Data Center Services Market, 2016
Re-shaped by Digitization Imperatives, Modular, Green and Smart Data Centers to Gain Preference
26 Apr 2016
Trusted Services Management (TSM) - At Hub of Payment Platforms
Complete, Flexible, Stable, and Independent TSM Solutions to Sustain Growth Momentum
14 Mar 2016
Global Smart Card Market, 2015
SIM Cards, Banking and Payment, Government and ID Application Segments to Spur Uptake
05 Jan 2016
South African Smart Card Market - Growth Trends, 2016
Complete, Flexible, Stable, and Independent TSM Solutions to Sustain Growth Momentum
05 Jan 2016
Are wearables the next big evolution for payments? 17 Dec 2015
Use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to Enhance Privacy Protection and User Trust
Emergence of Blockchain a Potential Threat for PKI Market
30 Oct 2015
Could Artificial Intelligence Win the Payment Fraud War? 23 Oct 2015
Global Certificates Market
The Road to Digital Signature
30 Sep 2015
Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Smart Energy
Privacy Protection in a Smart Future
30 Sep 2015

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