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The Digital Identification competitive market is undergoing dramatic transition. The growing demand for open platforms, particularly Java cards, and the need for interoperability have given rise to independent Java OS companies that have an impact on the Digital Identification value chain.

Title Published
Analysis of the Global Mobile Biometrics Market
End Users Will Drive the Widespread Adoption of Mobile Biometric Authentication
04 Aug 2014
How Can Cloud-Based Payment Impact the Payment Ecosystem?
Service Providers are Taking Control of the Mobile Payment Ecosystem
23 Jul 2014
2014 Global Smart Card Forecaster
The Banking and Payment Market Will Continue Driving Growth
02 Jul 2014
2014 Global; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - Best-in-Class Urban Governance Solutions 29 May 2014
Is Mobile Identity the Key for Digital Authentication?
A Real Opportunity for Both Governments and Citizens
05 May 2014
World Certificates Markets—A Focus on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
A Necessity to Maintain a Strong Security
26 Apr 2014
Trusted Service Management
A Necessary Value-Add?
11 Mar 2014
The Role of ICT in Building Smart Cities - Infrastructure
Connectivity, Cloud-based Analytics, and Open Data to be Key Enablers of Future Urban Growth
11 Mar 2014
Government ID: A Fragmented and Competitive Market
A Fragmented and Competitive Market
27 Feb 2014
2014 Global; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - Best-in-Class Smart City Integrator 24 Jan 2014
2013 North America; New Product Innovation Leadership - Data Virtualization Platforms 09 Jan 2014
2013 Europe; Customer Value Leadership Award - Smart Healthcare 03 Jan 2014

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