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Digital Identification, Industry Research, Global

The Digital Identification competitive market is undergoing dramatic transition. The growing demand for open platforms, particularly Java cards, and the need for interoperability have given rise to independent Java OS companies that have an impact on the Digital Identification value chain.

Title Published
User-Friendly Payment Options for EV Charging Reduces Adoption Barriers 19 Apr 2013
An Insight into the U.S. Mobile Device Logistics Market
Expanding Role for 3PL in the United States
04 Mar 2013
M-Wallets in the US: What do Preliminary Results Mean for the Payment Industry? 01 Mar 2013
Latin American Mobile Banking and Payment Services Markets, 2012
Mobile Wallet and Payment Case Studies
14 Feb 2013
Global Smart Card Forecaster - Core Industry Shipment/ Revenue Outlook
Smart Card Unit Shipment Growth will Slow Down to Single-digit Rates by 2014
08 Feb 2013
NFC Market Opportunity, Global, 2012
Growing Use of Smartphones Augments Demand for Tags in Different Applications
01 Feb 2013
The Future of Smartphones in Insurance Telematics 11 Jan 2013
Securing Payment Privacy: Integrating NFC with Cloud-based Solutions 11 Jan 2013
Global Pay TV Content Protection Market
Conditional Access and Digital Rights Management Systems Converge As 'TV Everywhere' Reshapes Pay TV
09 Nov 2012
Managing the Migration to EMV and NFC Payment Technology
How to ensure the successful and efficient market deployment of a product
04 Oct 2012
Mobile Financial Services - A Technology and Market Analysis
Are These Services Hastening the End of Brick-and-mortar Banks?
20 Jun 2012
Global Digital Signage Systems Market
Digital Signage—A Unique Marketing Medium—is Expected to Boost Customer Engagement and Interaction.
30 May 2012

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