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The Digital Identification competitive market is undergoing dramatic transition. The growing demand for open platforms, particularly Java cards, and the need for interoperability have given rise to independent Java OS companies that have an impact on the Digital Identification value chain.

Title Published
NFC: When will be the Real Start? 11 Jan 2011
BRIC: What can the Smart Cards Industry Expect? 05 Jan 2011
Smart Cards in M2M 28 Oct 2010
Quantitative Analysis of the World Smart Card Markets 26 Oct 2010
An Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Smart Cards Industry 31 Aug 2010
Asia Pacific Smart Cards Market - Integrated Circuit on Different Form Factors 27 Aug 2010
World Smart Cards in Transportation Market 30 Jul 2010
World Smart Card Readers and Chipsets Market 07 Jun 2010
The Japanese Biometrics Market 07 Jun 2010
Asia Pacific Smart Cards Market Outlook 2010 07 Jun 2010
The Hong Kong Influence in Smart Cards 07 Jun 2010
South Korea Smart Cards Market 11 May 2010

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