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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Building Management Technologies Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
The Importance of Benchmarking in Facilities Management
Adoption of best practices through comparison and innovation
24 Dec 2014
Unlocking the Role of Big Data in Facilities Management 23 Dec 2014
Assessment of the Middle East LED Lighting Market
Focus on Energy Efficiency will Spur Growth in the Long Term
09 Dec 2014
Best Practices in Green Hospitality and Its Future Prospects in Southeast Asia—A CEO's 360-Degree Perspective
Green Tourism to Spur Adoption of Eco-Sustainable Practices by Accommodation Facilities
03 Dec 2014
Modular Chiller Plants - Facing a High Growth Trajectory in the GCC 21 Nov 2014
Analysis of the Indian Hotel Guestroom Automation Systems Market
Future Opportunities and Challenges
20 Nov 2014
Facilities Management Market in Australia
Adoption of IFM and Advanced Technology Solutions Will Boost Market Development
13 Nov 2014
YEARLY SECTORAL ANALYSIS 2013 – Lighting Market in India 18 Sep 2014
The Importance of BIM in Facilities Management
The role of smart buildings in making buildings more energy-efficient, productive and comfortable
09 Sep 2014
Big Data as an Enabler for Smart Buildings
Convergence of Building Technologies and the ICT Industry Drives More Investments through Partnerships
05 Sep 2014
European HEMS and BEMS Market
Technological Advancements and Compliance with EU Directives Drive Double-Digit Growth
28 Aug 2014
Emerging Particpants and New Entrants in the Energy Management Market
Innovative and Nimble Firms Increasingly Driving the Pace of Change in the Global Energy Management Industry
27 Aug 2014

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