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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Industrial Automation Controls Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
North American Pneumatic Actuators Market
Possible threat from the alternative products necessitates product innovation.
09 Apr 2012
Strategic Analysis of European Servo and Stepper Systems Market
Technological Improvements, Increasing Application of Servo and Stepper Accelerates Market Growth
31 Mar 2012
ANZ Low-voltage Integral Horsepower Motors Market
Efficiency Standards to Fuel Growth in the Low-voltage Integral Horsepower Motors Market
27 Mar 2012
Analysis of the Electric Drives Market in the North American Packaging Industry
Asset Flexibility is Shaping the Industry
17 Feb 2012
Strategic Analysis of Electric Drives Market in European Food and Beverages Industry
Increasing Energy Regulations and Demand for Packaging Machines Aids Growth
06 Feb 2012
Gearbox and Gear Motors Market
High Competition and Low Profit Margins Yield a Tough Environment for Growth
12 Jan 2012
Analysis of the Indian Electrical Drives Market
Government of India’s Impetus on Enhancing Energy Efficiency to Propel the Demand for Drives
23 Dec 2011
Industrial Process Control - Emerging Countries 21 Dec 2011
European Market for Integrated Motor and Drives
Elevated implementation of integrated motors and drives in Europe, owing to numerous advantages
16 Dec 2011
Decision Support Database - Motors; Drives and Motor Controls 30 Nov 2011
North American Pneumatic Valves Market
Threat from alternative products spurs the demand for more innovation in the product development.
23 Nov 2011
2011 North America; Product Differentiation Excellence - Radio Frequency Identification in Cellphones 22 Nov 2011

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