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The process control industries are being challenged at many levels. Manufacturers have to deal with market consolidation and product commoditization and simultaneously cope with increasing pressure to go global. This has intensified competition and forced organizations to invest heavily in R&D.

Title Published
Opportunities in Indonesia for Automation and Process Control System Manufacturers, Forecast to 2021
Automation and Process Control System Suppliers Face Stiff Challenges in a Volatile Business Environment
02 Mar 2017
North America; Customer Value Leadership Award - PLM for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing 28 Feb 2017
North American; Customer Value Leadership Award - Cloud WMS for Mid-Sized Consumer Goods Industry 28 Feb 2017
Europe; Technology Innovation Award - Computer Vision Industry 28 Feb 2017
North American Compressors Market in the Oil and Gas Industry, Forecast to 2023
Oil Price Rebound, Industrial Internet of Things, and Focus on Energy-efficient Products Open Up Exciting New Opportunities for Companies Especially for Reciprocating Compressors
28 Feb 2017
Industrial Robotics- Decoding the Robotics Impact on Manufacturing 27 Feb 2017
Discerning implications of cyber security in a converged IT-OT environment
21 Feb 2017
Industrial Robotics- Decoding the Robotics Impact on Manufacturing 21 Feb 2017
Donald Trump’s Policy Direction and Analysis of Its Impact on US Manufacturing
Moderate Manufacturing Growth Expected Under the New Administration
20 Feb 2017
Global Pumps Market, Forecast through 2017
Centers of Economic Activity Shift with Construction and Water and Wastewater Sectors Setting Energy Efficiency and Recycling Trends
16 Feb 2017
Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand Industrial Pumps Market Outlook, 2017
Focus on Value-Added Pump Services is Likely to Sustain Growth if Current Economic Conditions Persist
15 Feb 2017
Analysis of Welding Equipment and Consumables Market in Europe, Forecast to 2021
Energy Efficiency Regulations to Drive Sales for European Manufacturers
13 Feb 2017

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