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The process control industries are being challenged at many levels. Manufacturers have to deal with market consolidation and product commoditization and simultaneously cope with increasing pressure to go global. This has intensified competition and forced organizations to invest heavily in R&D.

Title Published
North America; Customer Value Leadership Award - Midmarket Intelligent BPM Platform for Manufacturing And Wholesale Distribution 23 Mar 2018
What's hindering the growth of IoT in pharma? 23 Mar 2018
India Automation Factbook, Forecast to CY2021
Investment in Greenfield Projects Across Fast Growing End-user Industries like Pharma, Water and Waste Water & Food and Beverage Will Drive the Demand of Automation and Plant Control Systems in India
21 Mar 2018
Europe; Enabling Technology Leadership Award - Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Industries 20 Mar 2018
APAC Automation and Process Control Systems Factbook, Forecast to 2021
Opportunities from Smart Manufacturing and Investment Incentives will Enable Growth
13 Mar 2018
North America; Product Leadership Award - Data Discovery & Analysis Solution for Mid-Market Manufacturing 07 Mar 2018
Is the Era of Outsourcing coming to an end in the Valves Industry? 05 Mar 2018
North American Centrifugal Pumps Market, Forecast to 2024
Industrial Internet of Things to Disrupt Conventional Market Dynamics
05 Mar 2018
Pharma 4.0 – Impact of IIoT in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 26 Feb 2018
North America; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award - Operational Technology (OT) Network Protection Platform for Oil & Gas Industry 23 Feb 2018
EMEA; Customer Value Leadership Award - RTLS for Industry 4.0 21 Feb 2018
Mexican Industrial Internet of Things Market, Forecast to 2022
Companies are Required to Act Now if Aiming to Capture a Portion of a Potential Market Size of $3,955.6 Million in 2022
19 Feb 2018

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