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The process control industries are being challenged at many levels. Manufacturers have to deal with market consolidation and product commoditization and simultaneously cope with increasing pressure to go global. This has intensified competition and forced organizations to invest heavily in R&D.

Title Published
Global Compressor Industry Outlook, 2017
Oil Price Rebound, Industrial Internet of Things, and Focus on Energy-efficient Products Open Up Exciting New Opportunities
31 May 2017
Global Electric Motors Market, Outlook 2017
Adoption of Higher Efficiency Motors, Growth in Electrification of Vehicles, and Rising Disposable Income are the Major Growth Drivers
23 May 2017
The Case of Blockchain in Industrial IoT 18 May 2017
Aerospace & Defence 4.0- The Case for Industrial Internet of Things 17 May 2017
Opportunity Analysis for Suppliers in the Marine Pumps Market, Forecast to 2023
Increase in International Sea Trade and Stringent Marine Emission Standards will Drive the Market
16 May 2017
Mega Cities’ Impact on the Global Pumps Market 16 May 2017
Europe; New Product Innovation Award - Behavioral Authentication in Banking and Payments Industry 09 May 2017
Global Automation Industry Outlook, 2017
Digital Transformation Reshapes Every Industrial Market and Creates New Pivots of Growth for Automation Solution Providers
05 May 2017
Industrial IoT Platforms - A Primer 26 Apr 2017
Asia Pacific Industrial IoT Cloud Platforms 2016
Frost Industry Quotient Market Assessment
24 Apr 2017
MENA – The Future Destination for Shared Services 21 Apr 2017
Growth Opportunities in Vietnam for Automation and Control System Manufacturers, Forecast to 2021
Expansion in Manufacturing to Provide Stimulus for Sustainable Market Growth
19 Apr 2017

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