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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Communications Services Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Supply Chain Management: How It Optimizes Supply Chain, Inventory, and Omnichannel 03 Feb 2017
Mobility in the Consumer Market: The Mobile Consumer Defining a New Age of Telecommunications 03 Feb 2017
AWS Jumps into the DDoS Protection Party: AWS Shield has the Potential to be a Market Disruptor 27 Jan 2017
US Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Market Outlook, 2017 26 Jan 2017
2016 Over-the-Top Communication Service Provider Vendor Guide 24 Jan 2017
The Rise of the Cloud Service Broker Model: Helping IT Organizations Transform to Support Digital Business 20 Jan 2017
Thriving in an Untamed Digital World: Flexible Monetization Strategies Drive Business in New Directions 13 Jan 2017
Global Communication Service Providers Market Buyer’s Guide: Focus on NFV and SDN Builds 12 Jan 2017
Global CSP Financial Assurance 2016 Edition: Market Forecast, Market Share Analysis, and Supplier Assessment 30 Dec 2016
Big Data in Manufacturing: BDA and IoT Can Optimize Production Lines and the Bottom Line—but Much of the Industry Isn’t There Yet 28 Dec 2016
Solving the Cloud Migration Challenge: Enterprise Pain Point Offers Opportunity for Providers 23 Dec 2016
BDA in the Enterprise: SQL Still Rules—but What Is the Impact on Privacy? 21 Dec 2016

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