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Stratecast Secure Networking Research Module

Stratecast Partners’ (Stratecast) Secure Networking Module core objective is to provide objective, conclusive and actionable strategic insight on the company-specific strategies of vendors and service providers in the volatile realm of LAN and WAN security.

Title Published
Mid-2018 DDoS Attack Trends: Record-Breaking Attacks, Familiar Tricks, and Emerging Tactics 27 Jul 2018
Security in the Serverless Architecture: A Tectonic Shift in Responsibilities 13 Jul 2018
Remote Browser Isolation in a New Market Chapter: Poised to Change Customer Expectations 11 May 2018
GDPR – To Comply is a Given; Improving the Business is the Goal: SAP’s Gigya Solutions Turn GDPR from Onerous to Advantageous 27 Apr 2018
Okta: Rebuilding the Perimeter through Identity: How Integration and Security Make Businesses More Successful 26 Apr 2018
Centrify: Taking Identity & Access to the Cloud with Zero Trust Security 13 Apr 2018
EU GDPR Compliance Deadline Looms: What are Cyber Security Vendors Doing to Prepare Customers? 13 Apr 2018
Dynamic Cyber Defenses: A Fresh Approach to an Old Problem 06 Apr 2018
Deception is Not a Vanishing Mirage: It is Real and the Next Chapter is Managed Security Services 16 Mar 2018
Microsoft: A Cybersecurity Company - Really? 02 Feb 2018
SailPoint: Keeping Identities Secure & Manageable with Smarter Governance, Best Practices, and Analytics 30 Jan 2018
In the Cybersecurity Battleground, Location Matters (But Not Exclusively) 22 Dec 2017

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