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World over, the digital media market is driven by the rapid transition to digital, HD, multimedia workflows and Web experiences. Media companies are increasingly adopting digital solutions for content acquisition, ingest, production, management, storage, collaboration, transformation, re-rendering and delivery.

Title Published
An Exclusive Whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan on Industry Outlook for the Indian Telecom and Broadcast Industry
Digital India takes on a new meaning as accelerated connectivity and over-the-top applications power the market
05 Apr 2017
United States; Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award - Digital Payments 04 Apr 2017
Industry Outlook on MENA Pay TV, OTT video services and broadcast technology trends
Growth in Pay TV and OTT services paving way for Hybrid TV Viewing in MENA
03 Apr 2017
Analysis of the Global Academic Devices Market, Forecast to 2022
Proliferation of Low-cost Devices, Hyperconnectivity, and Increase in Non-traditional Students is Driving Global Adoption of Academic Devices
23 Mar 2017
Over-the-top (OTT) Video Executive Brief, India, 2017
Proliferation of Connectivity and Creative Bundling has Brought OTT Services to the Forefront of Entertainment Activities
20 Mar 2017
Global Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) Market
MOOCs: Revolutionizing Learning Anytime, Anywhere and Across Devices
16 Mar 2017
KSA's ICT Market Snapshot, Forecast to 2020
The ICT Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be Driven by Government Initiatives and the Increasing Adoption of IT by Enterprises
14 Mar 2017
Over-the-top (OTT) Video Services to Transform TV Viewing in Middle East and North Africa, Forecast to 2021
Market Competition Gaining Momentum with a Number of New Participants and Premium Content
06 Mar 2017
South Africa ICT Outlook, 2017
Growing Business and Innovation Environment will Shape the Digital Transformation
28 Feb 2017
India in search of future-proof solutions and disruptive technologies for broadcast and telecom sectors
Convergence India Beats
20 Feb 2017
Improve Quality of Service (QoS) while Maintaining Control and Reducing Costs
14 Feb 2017
The New Way to Grow—BearingPoint Infonova Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) Global Summit 30 Jan 2017

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