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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Unified Communications and Collaboration Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Global Video Conferencing Endpoints and Infrastructure Market—Q3 2013 Update
Growing Demand for Virtualization and Software-based Solutions Creates New Opportunities
29 Nov 2013
Ensuring Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation in a Dynamic UC Infrastructure
SIP, Virtualization, and the Cloud Enable New Paradigms in Disaster Response and Readiness
22 Nov 2013
Europe Video Conferencing Services Market
Strong Growth Predicted Despite Recessionary Environment
15 Nov 2013
Audio Conferencing Endpoints
Outlook for Tabletop and Installed Audio Conferencing Systems
14 Nov 2013
Analysis of the European Audio Conferencing Services Market
Increase in Volume of Minutes to Offset Price Decline in the Near Term
07 Nov 2013
Europe Web Conferencing Services Market
Collaborative Workspaces Drive Growth of Web Conferencing
06 Nov 2013
Microsoft Lync: Market Impact and Growth Potential
Transformational Force or a Market Byproduct
30 Oct 2013
Ear to the Ground: BT and Dolby Bring High Quality Sound to Audio Conferencing 22 Oct 2013
Global Video Conferencing Endpoints and Infrastructure Market—Q2 2013 Update
Migration to Cloud and Software Impacts Growth
01 Oct 2013
2013 European ICT Vertical Market Model
The Drive Towards a Connected Society Begins with Next Generation Communications Network Rollout
01 Oct 2013
Battle of the Platforms in European Smart Energy
The Role of ICT Solutions at the Household Level
30 Sep 2013
A Sustainable Approach to Hosted IP Telephony and UCC Services Deployment
Ensuring the Long-term Viability of Communications Investments
06 Sep 2013

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