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Unified Communications and Collaboration, Industry Research, Europe

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Unified Communications and Collaboration Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
What's Hot in the Information and Communication Technology Industry 29 May 2012
Analysis of Venture Capital Investment Trends in European Application Software, Systems Software, Technology Hardware, and Equipment Industries
Convergence, M2M Communication, and Online Solutions Creating New Opportunities
18 May 2012
Transforming Convergence into Possibility - Innovation to Evolution 08 May 2012
Convergence for Business Reliability and Predictability: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Security 01 May 2012
Simplification Through Convergence: Reducing Cost and Complexities 24 Apr 2012
Technology Convergence and Information Velocity: The Engines for Business Agility and Workforce Productivity 19 Apr 2012
Users' Experiences with Visual Collaboration Products and Services in the Business Context
Visual Collaboration Opportunities in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom
16 Mar 2012
The Developing European Market for Hosted Unified Communications and Collaboration Services
Pioneering UCC-as-a-Service Offerings Drive the Hosted Communications Market
13 Mar 2012
European Businesses' Preferences for Information and Communications Products and Vendors, Services, and Service Providers
New Wave IT is Grabbing the Attention of Executives but they Rely on E-mail and Audio Conferencing
18 Jan 2012
European Mobile Unified Communications Market 16 Nov 2011
Delivering Interoperability for Unified Communications and Collaboration 03 Nov 2011
Unified Communications Opportunities in the European Hospitality Sector 03 Jun 2011

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