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Title Published
Using Social Media in Disaster Planning and Response
Belmar, New Jersey’s Experiences during Hurricane Sandy Offers a Successful Example
08 May 2014
2014 Global; Customer Value Leadership Award - Cloud Solutions for Media Transcoding 30 Apr 2014
The Future of Mobile Solutions from a Customer Perspective—United States and Europe
Growth Opportunities in 5 Key Industries
23 Apr 2014
Future of Cloud Computing Technologies in Enterprises in the United States and Europe
Opportunities in the 5 Key Markets from a Customer Perspective
18 Apr 2014
Developing Ecosystems and Customer Engagement Through Enterprise App Stores
Software Solutions Enable New Sales Models
17 Apr 2014
Analysis of the Global Contact Center and Office Headset Market
Headsets Continue to Gain Importance in the UC Space
16 Apr 2014
New Mega Trends in Indonesia
Macro-to-micro Implications of Mega Trends on Business, Society, and Personal Lives
27 Mar 2014
Analysis of the European Hosted IP Telephony and UCC Services Market
New Entrants and Business Models Boost Market Growth
13 Mar 2014
European M2M Outlook
Catching the Next Wave
10 Mar 2014
2013 Global; Growth Excellence Leadership Award - Enterprise Social Networking 06 Mar 2014
Analytics on a Transformation Path – From a 'Good-to-Have' to a 'Must -Have Solution'
According to NASSCOM-Frost & Sullivan's Study on 'Analytics' Product Excellence Matrix, the first in the seven-segment series
11 Feb 2014
2013 Global; Product Leadership Award - Enterprise Video Webcasting Solutions 23 Jan 2014

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