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The Digital Health program offers clients unique insights into the competitive dynamics of the market, including coverage of sectors, such as electronic medical records, data and storage management, and emerging wireless technologies, from a regional and global perspective. Based on both quantitative and qualitative information, clients can leverage this information to stay abreast of challenges and trends, remain competitive, and grow their businesses.

Title Published
Russian Hospitals Landscape
Krasnodar, Tyumen, and Rostov-on-Don—The Emerging Healthcare Hubs in Russia
02 Dec 2016
Donald Trump and the Future of the Affordable Care Act
Repeal, Replace, or Rebrand?
02 Dec 2016
mHealth Transforming Healthcare: Ensuring the Path to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) 30 Nov 2016
Keeping Up with Telehealth 29 Nov 2016
Western Europe Hospital Information Technology Outlook, 2016–2020
Growth Opportunities in Health Informatics will Drive Digital Health Transformation Strategies in the Multibillion-dollar Hospital IT Market
28 Nov 2016
2025 Roadmap for India Biotech Industry 28 Nov 2016
An Outlook on Biotech Pharmaceuticals Market in Turkey 28 Nov 2016
5 Ways Retailers Are Going to Change Your Healthcare Experience 22 Nov 2016
Healthcare Consumerism and 'Quantified-Self' Mark the Arrival of Patient Engagement 2.0 16 Nov 2016
Healthcare 2020—Business Model Transformation Guidebook
Exploring New Models for Monetizing Services and Solutions
15 Nov 2016
New Paradigms Driving Digital Health Deals and Partnerships
Healthcare Transformation and Industry Convergence
09 Nov 2016
Vision 2025 - The Future of Healthcare
Projecting Market Transformations and Growth Opportunities
04 Nov 2016

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