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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the IT Services and Applications Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
The Future of Mobile Robots
In 2020, 26 Million Mobile Robots will Enable Autonomy in Smart Factories, Unmanned Transportation, and Connected Homes
30 Sep 2016
Artificial Intelligence
Genesis of Machine Intellect
30 Sep 2016
2016 Stratecast Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award in Hybrid Physical and Virtual Network Management 29 Sep 2016
Augmented Reality: The Middle East as a Launch Pad 28 Sep 2016
Qualitative Insights into the Software- and Platform-as-a-Service Markets in Latin America
End-user Perspectives on Adoption, Use, and Satisfaction
27 Sep 2016
Growth Opportunities in the US Digital Advertising Market
Programmatic Advertising to be the Growth Engine for the US Digital Advertising Markets
22 Sep 2016
Strategic Analysis of BREXIT and its Implications to Industries, Economies and Societies
Comprehensive View of 6 BREXIT Scenarios on Our Future
16 Sep 2016
Data Center Benchmarking Strategy Study
Trends, Future Technologies and Business Models
16 Sep 2016
Future of Logistics
Unbundling of the Supply Chain
13 Sep 2016
Asia-Pacific Hosted Telephony and Unified Communication Services Providers, 2015 26 Aug 2016
Responding to Enterprise Infrastructure Transformation: Physical to Virtual Back-up Software 16 Aug 2016
Key Challenges of Implementing Digital Transformation in Companies
How Can Businesses Ensure Digital Success?
08 Aug 2016

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