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Industrial Automation & Process Control, Industry Research, Asia Pacific

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Industrial Automation & Process Control Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Analysis of the Automation and Controls Market and Growth Opportunity in Japan
Rise in Energy Costs Spurs the Market
28 Jun 2012
Indian Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps Market
Lack of Technology Clarity is a Hindrance to the Growth of the Indian PD Pumps Market
19 Jun 2012
Chinese Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps Market
Rising Demand for PD Pumps due to the Increase in Infrastructure and Investments
15 Jun 2012
SEA and ANZ Smart Grid Market - Automation Opportunities
Australia and Singapore Offer Immense Opportunities in the Smart Grid Market
14 Jun 2012
Automation and Controls Market in Southeast Asia and Australia-New Zealand
Growing Economies Hold Much Promise for Automation Manufacturers
05 Jun 2012
Analysis of the Global Welding Equipment and Consumables Market in Power Industry
Surging Conversions to Renewable Power Sources Push Demand
28 May 2012
Analysis of the Indian Process Transmitters Market
Announcement of the National Manufacturing Policy to Propel the Demand for Process Transmitters
17 May 2012
Southeast Asia and ANZ PD Pumps Markets
Standardization and demand in growing economies likely to strongly influence PD Pumps market
12 Apr 2012
Analysis of the Global Aluminium Filler Metals Market
Aluminium is the Metal of Choice in a Carbon-constrained Future
29 Mar 2012
ANZ Low-voltage Integral Horsepower Motors Market
Efficiency Standards to Fuel Growth in the Low-voltage Integral Horsepower Motors Market
27 Mar 2012
Fieldbus Market in Australia and New Zealand
Fieldbus market to remain a vital link across technologies
20 Mar 2012
Analysis of Welding Equipment and Consumables Market
Focus on latest applications and evolving technologies
15 Mar 2012

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