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Industrial Automation & Process Control, Industry Research, Asia Pacific

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Industrial Automation & Process Control Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Automation and Control Market in Thailand
Critical Industries, such as Oil and Gas and Chemicals, not likely to be Impacted by Political Turmoil
06 Oct 2014
Analysis of the Chinese Industrial Valves and Actuators Market
Increased Gas Pipeline Projects Will Likely Boost Growth
13 Aug 2014
Analysis of the Southeast Asia and Australia–New Zealand Process Safety Systems Market
Mandatory Regulations Will Drive the Uptake of Safety Systems
29 Jul 2014
Analysis of the Welding Equipment and Consumables Market in Thailand
Anticipated Investment in Infrastructure to Drive the Welding Market
25 Jul 2014
Chinese Positive Displacement Pumps Market
Expanding Water and Wastewater Industry Drives Growth
28 May 2014
Strategic Analysis of the Automation and Control Solutions Market in CIS Countries
Increased Demand for Industrial Process Optimisation Boosts the Market
21 Mar 2014
Analysis of the Global Metering Pump Market
Modernization of Infrastructure with Intelligent Solutions Enhancing Demand
12 Feb 2014
Southeast Asia Automation Services Market
Benefits of Technological Upgrades would be Vital in Determining Automation Services Revenue
04 Feb 2014
The Main Automation Contractor (MAC) Model in the Automation and Controls Market
End Users Save Time and Money, Vendors Gain Market Share
03 Feb 2014
ANZ Automation Services Market
Upgrades and Safety Additions in the Mining Industry to be Vital to Automation Services Revenue
24 Jan 2014
Analysis of the ANZ Manufacturing Execution Systems Market
Mining Industry is Set to Dominate the Demand for MES
22 Jan 2014
Analysis of the Southeast Asian Manufacturing Execution Systems Market
Enabling Greater Production at Lesser Cost Fuels MES Demand
07 Jan 2014

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