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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Communication & IT Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Smart Mining Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2018
Connectivity is Central to Developing Successful Smart Mining Practices
15 Nov 2018
SAP Customer Experience—Making "Legacy IT" a Competitive Advantage 14 Nov 2018
Developments in Voice and Messaging Services in Asia-Pacific, Forecast to 2023 14 Nov 2018
Asia Pacific Mobile Biometric Identification and Authentication Market, Forecast to 2021 - Authenticating tomorrow's transactions through mobiles 14 Nov 2018
North America; Enabling Technology Leadership Award - Retail Fulfillment Innovations 13 Nov 2018
African B2C eCommerce Growth Opportunities, Forecast to 2020
Omni Channel Integration Central to Developing a Successful eCommerce Model
13 Nov 2018
Analysis of the ASEAN and Taiwan Infrastructure-as-a-Service Market, Forecast to 2024
Demand for Managed Cloud Offerings to Drive Uptake of Outsourced Cloud Infrastructure Services
12 Nov 2018
European Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Market, Forecast to 2024
Competitor Repositioning Creates Disruption and Opportunities
09 Nov 2018
North American Mobile Field Service Management Market, Forecast to 2022
Growth Opportunities for Field Organizations and FSM Providers
09 Nov 2018
Global Audio Conferencing Endpoints Market, Forecast to 2024
Focus on Huddle Rooms Continues to Render Growth Opportunities for Tabletop Audio Conferencing Endpoints
09 Nov 2018
Analysis of the Contact Center Outsourcing Services Market in Latin America and the Caribbean, Forecast to 2023
Automation is Heading the Market for Disruption
08 Nov 2018
Global; Customer Value Leadership Award - Network Firewall 06 Nov 2018

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