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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Communication & IT Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Consumer Perceptions and Preferences of the Latest Digital Technologies, North America, 2018
Learn Critical Success Factors to Gain a Competitive Advantage in a Disruptive Digital Industry
05 Nov 2018
Next-Generation 911—The Future of Public Safety, Forecast to 2023
Public Safety Paradigm Shift Triggers Growth Opportunities for Next-Gen Core Services
31 Oct 2018
Frost Industry Quotient (IQ) - Australia Data Centre Service Providers, 2018 30 Oct 2018
Huawei Strengthens its 5G Ecosystem in the Middle East 30 Oct 2018
New Product Innovation Award - Serverless Security 29 Oct 2018
Giving the World a Voice: Amazon Alexa’s Rapid Progress in the Smart Home Is Just the Start 26 Oct 2018
Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys Signal a Return to Security Roots for BlackBerry 26 Oct 2018
The Global Network Firewall Market, Forecast to 2022
Emerging Business Practices Demands New Technologies
26 Oct 2018
North America; Technology Innovation Award - AI-driven Deception Technology 25 Oct 2018
2018 Global Market Leadership Award in CSP Financial Assurance for the Fraud Management Market 23 Oct 2018
The Role of African Start-ups in Driving Smart Agriculture in the Continent, 2018
The Focus on Sensors and Satellite Imaging is Central to the Adoption of Smart Farming Practices
23 Oct 2018
North America; Market Leadership Award - The Outbound Dialing Systems Industry 22 Oct 2018

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