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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Australian Jobs, Forecast to 2030
AI Disrupting Labor Ecosystems, Automation to Replace Human Element in Routine and Low-Skilled Jobs by 2030
30 Nov 2017
Strategic Profiling of Amazon and eBay in the Automotive Aftermarket in North America and Europe, Forecast to 2023
Aging Vehicles, Better Pricing and Technology Advancements will Continue to Fuel Amazon and eBay’s Automotive Aftermarket Ambitions, Despite Logistics Challenges
28 Nov 2017
South African Logistics Market, Forecast to 2020
Country to Emerge as a Regional Hotspot Owing to Its Comparatively High Logistics Performance and the Long-term Economic Growth Potential
27 Nov 2017
Global Infotainment and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Strategy of Premium OEMs, 2016–2017
Biometrics Solutions and Virtual Assistant are the Primary Focal Points for Luxury OEMs as the Commercialization of Autonomous Cars Nears
24 Nov 2017
Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—The Czech Republic
New Technologies, Digital Infrastructure, and a Multimodal Transportation Network will Improve Efficiency in the Logistics Market
24 Nov 2017
Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Austria
Infrastructure Upgrades and New Technology Adoption are Likely to Transform the Logistics Market
23 Nov 2017
Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Poland
New Technologies, Digital Infrastructure, and Multimodal Transportation Networks will Improve Efficiency in the Logistics Industry
23 Nov 2017
Kenyan Logistics Market, Forecast to 2020
Supported by Its Political Commitment, Young Population and Infrastructure Developments, Kenya is a Rising Star in East Africa
22 Nov 2017
Applications of Biometrics in the Automotive Industry 22 Nov 2017
Flying Cars –Opening up the Airspace for Everyday Domestic Commute 22 Nov 2017
Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Autonomous Driving Development
6 OEMs to Have Ai-incorporated Autonomous Driving Software by 2022 but to be Focused on Object and Road Furniture Detection Rather than on Core Decision Engine Software
21 Nov 2017
Premium Wiper Blades Offer High Growth in North America, Forecast to 2023
The Obsolescence of Conventional Wiper Blades is Funneling Demand into New Product Lines
21 Nov 2017

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