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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
North America; Visionary Innovation Leadership Award - Automotive Enterprise and Industrial Internet of Things 30 May 2018
Assessment of Thailand Auto Leasing and Car Rental Market
Second Largest Market in Southeast Asia that is Likely to Witness Strong Growth
30 May 2018
Alibaba in the Automotive Market in China, 2017–2025
Cloud Computing and Ecosystem Leading a New Retail Concept Featuring Digital Entertainment
18 May 2018
US Rear Autonomous Emergency Braking System Market, 2017
R-AEB Addition After 2019 will Translate into Opportunities to Achieve NHTSA 5-star Ratings, an Upsurge in Technology, and Market Penetration
16 May 2018
Future Personal Mobility Scenarios: Moving Into The 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions 11 May 2018
North America; Technology Innovation Award - Usage-Based Insurance Industry 09 May 2018
European Category Management Report—Automotive Steering Components Aftermarket, Forecast to 2024
Foreign Distributors and Independent Private Labels will Mount Pressure on Established Suppliers by Providing Cheaper Options for Multiple Product Lines
09 May 2018
M&A, Investment Trends and Opportunities in the Global Mobility Space, 2017
Globally more than 50 Buyouts Over the Last Two Years and Over $35 Billion Invested in 2017 in Shared Mobility
07 May 2018
Russia Light Vehicle Market, Forecast to 2023
Sales Volume of Light Vehicles in Russia to Approach 2.4 Million Units in 2023
04 May 2018
EU Vehicle Taxation Policy and its Impact on Used-Car Imports in New Member Countries
Non-discriminatory Market Policies Represent the Core of the Single EU Marketplace, Allowing Development of Domestic Legislation in Compliance with EU Standards
02 May 2018
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Electric Velomobile Solutions 30 Apr 2018
Automotive ECUs for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems, North America and Europe, 2017
E/E Architecture Will Transform from Multiple ECUs to 5 Domain Controllers
27 Apr 2018

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