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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
China Luxury Car Market, Forecast to 2025
Rising Disposable Income and Increasing Demand for Luxury Vehicles are Propelling China to become the Largest Global Market for Premium Cars
18 Apr 2018
Global OEM Aftersales 2.0—Comparative Benchmarking of Adoption of New Parts and Service Business Models, 2017
Multi-brand Parts Sales and Innovating with Vehicle Servicing Strategies will be Key for OEMs to Sustain Aftersales Revenue
16 Apr 2018
Intelligent Mobility, 2017
Presentations from Frost & Sullivan’s Interactive Two-day Workshop and Networking Event
11 Apr 2018
Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2018
Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, and Disruptive Mobility Services will Influence LATAM´s Recovering Automotive Market
04 Apr 2018
Europe; Growth Excellence Leadership Award - Smart Parking Industry 03 Apr 2018
Global Electric Vehicle Market Looks to Fire on All Motors in 2018 03 Apr 2018
Analysis of Passenger Vehicle Pricing Strategies in Brazil, 2017
Brazil’s ROTA 2030 Plan, Macro-economic Landscape, and Technology Roadmap to Impact Vehicle Pricing by 2023
02 Apr 2018
Hybridization Trends in the Global Off-highway Vehicle Market, 2017–2025
Global Demand for Hybrid Off-highway Vehicles (OHVs) Will Double During the Period to Reach 51,585 Units in 2025
02 Apr 2018
Disrupting the last mile – 5 business models transforming logistics 27 Mar 2018
Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2018
More than 1.6 Million EVs are Likely to be Sold Globally
27 Mar 2018
Leasing Forum 2018 Highlights Readiness of Fleet and Leasing Industry for Future of Mobility 26 Mar 2018
EIA; Technology Innovation Award - Embedded Computer Vision for the Automotive Industry 26 Mar 2018

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