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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Future of Tire Retailing in North America and Europe, Forecast to 2023
Online Sales of Replacement Tires to Account for Approximately $11 Billion in Revenue in 2023
31 Oct 2017
North America and Europe Medium-Heavy Duty Truck Seating Systems Market, Forecast to 2025
Driver Health, Wellbeing and Wellness Concerns Combined with Digitalization and IoT to Drive Premium Seats Market Share to 10.5% by 2025
31 Oct 2017
Automotive Data Monetisation Pricing and Business Models
By 2025, Data Monetisation is Expected to Unravel ~$33 Billion in Opportunity for OEMs, with the Potential to Monetise $100 per Car Across 140 Unique Use Cases
25 Oct 2017
Start-up Innovations Disrupting the Automotive Aftermarket
Electric vehicles, in-vehicle technology, telematics, and digital platforms are expected to influence the emerging mobility ecosystem
20 Oct 2017
Strategic Analysis of Automated Car Market in Japan, 2016
AD-level 2 to Grow Up to 540,000 in Unit Shipment at CAGR 51.6% During the Next Decade
11 Oct 2017
Transportation and Logistics Market Insights—Argentina
Infrastructure Development, Transportation Connectivity, and New Business Models in Warehousing will Improve Efficiency in the Logistics Industry
09 Oct 2017
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Driving Behavior Intelligence for the Automotive Industry 06 Oct 2017
Evolution of OES Aftersales Channel in Automotive Aftermarket
Development of Integrated Mobility and Ownership Management Solutions will be the key areas of focus for OEMs to achieve success in the automotive aftermarket
06 Oct 2017
Growth Opportunities in Chinese Commercial Truck Market, Forecast to 2025
Digitalization and New Energy Powertrain to Transform the Commercial Truck Market in China
28 Sep 2017
South East Asia Transportation and Logistics Market, Forecast to 2018
Economic Integration, Improving Connectivity, and Infrastructure Upgrades will Support Market Growth in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines
28 Sep 2017
Transportation and Logistics Market in Africa—Transformational Trends and Emerging Growth Prospects
Trade Cooperation, Infrastructure Upgrades, and Digitalization Will Open Growth Opportunities in Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa
28 Sep 2017
Analysis of Volkswagen Strategies, 2014-2025
Volkswagen Group to Invest $13.7 billion on Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure and Vehicle Development to Meet its Electric Vehicle Goals by 2025
28 Sep 2017

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