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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Automotive Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Strategic Transition from Products to Services in the Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2030
Automotive Mobility Integration and Impact to Ownership Costs by Services to Add More than $1 Trillion in OEM Revenue
02 Aug 2017
Global Key Automakers’ Autonomous, Connected, and Electrification Strategies, Forecast to 2025
About 10 OEMs Target to Spend $345 Billion on ACE R&D by 2025
01 Aug 2017
2017 Shanghai Auto Show Highlights—Chinese New Energy Vehicles Insights
NEV-as-a-Service Will Lead Business Model Transformation
31 Jul 2017
2016 US HD Fleet Managers’ Voice on Advanced Truck Technologies
Fleet Managers Showing Preference for Service over Product Attributes Indicates the Rise of the Product-as-a-Service Business Model
27 Jul 2017
TOP50 Key Markets for Connected Truck Services, 2016
Market Readiness Outlook for 107 Countries Focusing on Connectivity and IoT Services
26 Jul 2017
North American Class 1-8 Turbochargers Aftermarket, Forecast to 2023
Engine Downsizing and Increased Adoption of Turbo Enabled Vehicles in Class 1-3 Segment are Expected to Drive Overall Revenues
24 Jul 2017
Latin America Used Car Market, Forecast to 2022
Used Car Market will Transform by 2022, with New Business Models, and Growing Peripheral Markets with Low Motorization Rate
19 Jul 2017
North America; New Product Innovation Award - Touch-Based Alcohol Detection Systems 17 Jul 2017
US New Car Sales Strategies and Technologies, 2016
Digital Retail Technologies at New Car Dealerships Target to Reduce the $130 Billion Worth of Inventory in Stock
14 Jul 2017
Gamification in the Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025
The Global Gamification Market will Reach $14.5 Billion in 2025
14 Jul 2017
$345 billion Autonomous, Connectivity and Electrification (ACE) R&D Spend by key Automakers by 2025 14 Jul 2017
Analysis of Digitization's Impact on Farm Mechanization
85–90% of the New Farm Equipment Sold in 2025 to Have a Precision Agriculture Component
12 Jul 2017

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