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The automotive aftermarket is characterized by a multi-layered, complex network of market participants. The Internet has added another competitive dimension with regard to price, product information, and parts availability that challenges participants' operational models and strategic advantages.

Title Published
Evolution of OES Aftersales Channel in Automotive Aftermarket
Development of Integrated Mobility and Ownership Management Solutions will be the key areas of focus for OEMs to achieve success in the automotive aftermarket
06 Oct 2017
Dashboard of Selected Automotive Aftermarket Parts, Forecast to 2020
Cabin Air Filters will Experience Highest Growth During the Forecast Period
15 Sep 2017
North American Class 1-8 Turbochargers Aftermarket, Forecast to 2023
Engine Downsizing and Increased Adoption of Turbo Enabled Vehicles in Class 1-3 Segment are Expected to Drive Overall Revenues
24 Jul 2017
Strategic Overview of the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket in Europe, Forecast to 2023
OES Channel Expansion and Advancing In-vehicle Telematics to Drive CV Aftermarket
05 Jul 2017
European Category Management Report—Automotive Filters Aftermarket, Forecast to 2023
Cabin Air Filters Will Offer Maximum Growth Opportunities in the Market
26 Jun 2017
OEMs and the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) Competing to Gain Commercial Vehicles (CV) Aftermarket Share 29 May 2017
Franchising in the Chinese Automotive Aftermarket, Forecast to 2022
Automotive Aftermarket Revenue Forecasted to Reach $281.8 Billion by 2022
18 May 2017
US Automotive Technicians’ Choice Survey of Replacement Parts, 2016
Technicians Shifting to Digital Platforms
10 May 2017
UK Automotive Aftermarket, Forecast to 2023
Capitalising on Growth of Ageing Vehicles and Used Car Sales, Which is Expected to Have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.0% During 2016–2023
05 Apr 2017
Engine Oil Aftermarket, Malaysia, Forecast to 2021
Increasing New Vehicle Sales and a Growing Number of Vehicles in Operation Likely to Continuously Drive Overall Market Growth
04 Apr 2017
North American Class 1-8 Starters and Alternators Aftermarket, Forecast to 2023
Highly Competitive Market with Incremental Revenue Growth
31 Mar 2017
Engine Oil Aftermarket Size in Vietnam, 2015–2021
Stable New Vehicle Sales and Vehicles in Operation are Likely to Enhance the Engine Oil Aftermarket Activity in Vietnam towards 2021
30 Mar 2017

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