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Automotive Aftermarket, Industry Research, Global

The automotive aftermarket is characterized by a multi-layered, complex network of market participants. The Internet has added another competitive dimension with regard to price, product information, and parts availability that challenges participants' operational models and strategic advantages.

Title Published
North American Category Management Research—Lubricants, 2015
Synthetic Engine Oil on Fast Track, Leverages Surging Demand for Innovative, Performance Enhanced Solutions
27 Apr 2016
North American Automotive Batteries Aftermarket, Forecast to 2022
Spotlight on Advanced Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) and Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries (AGM) as Premium, High-Priced Products Optimize Growth Potential
31 Mar 2016
Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2016
Strong Sales Persist Despite Economic Uncertainty, Future to Embrace Powertrain, E-mobility and Connected Cars
23 Mar 2016
Australian Aftermarket Outlook, Forecast to 2020
Consolidation of Large Distributors to Promote Evolution of 2-step Channel as Middlemen Get Cut Out
22 Mar 2016
North American Category Management Study—HVAC Components, 2015
Leveraging Aftermarket Replacement Opportunities, Total Manufacturer-level Revenues Head Toward $1 Billion
22 Mar 2016
Global Automotive Industry Outlook, 2016
Sales to Skyrocket Amid Niche Technologies Moving Mass Market and Changes Across Automotive Value and Supply Chains
01 Mar 2016
Automotive Service Industry Outlook—Impact of Tablets, Mobile Apps, and Augmented Reality, Forecast to 2021
Remote Diagnostics and Participatory Services to Drive Service Bay Transformation
23 Feb 2016
2015 European Category Management Report: Brake Pads and Rotors Aftermarket
Rising Brake Pad Costs Will Drive Manufacturer-level Revenue
18 Feb 2016
Global Automotive Aftermarket Outlook, 2016
Focus on Technology in the Service Bay and Online Channels in B2B Sales
11 Feb 2016
2015 US Auto Technicians' Choice—Replacement Parts
Industry Convergence and Growth in the US Automotive Aftermarket
18 Dec 2015
2015 North American Category Management Report—Wiper Blades
Premium Beam and Hybrid Blades to Account for up to 70% of Market Revenue
30 Oct 2015
2015 US Automotive Technicians’ Choice
Opportunities in the Automotive Tools Market
30 Sep 2015

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