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The automotive aftermarket is characterized by a multi-layered, complex network of market participants. The Internet has added another competitive dimension with regard to price, product information, and parts availability that challenges participants' operational models and strategic advantages.

Title Published
2015 North American Category Management Report—Wiper Blades
Premium Beam and Hybrid Blades to Account for up to 70% of Market Revenue
30 Oct 2015
2015 US Automotive Technicians’ Choice
Opportunities in the Automotive Tools Market
30 Sep 2015
Strategic Analysis of the North American Automotive OES Channel
In-vehicle Technologies and Multibrand Strategies Yield Opportunities
30 Sep 2015
2015 North American Category Management Report—Engine Control Units
Technical Complexities and Aging Vehicles in Operation will Drive ECU Demand
30 Sep 2015
2015 North American Category Management Report: Brake Pads and Shoes
Industry Consolidation, Rising Competition Threaten Growth Prospects
24 Sep 2015
Strategic Analysis of the North American Class 6-8 Emissions Control and Aftertreatment Components Aftermarket
Total Revenue to Grow by More Than 125% over the Next 6 Years
18 Sep 2015
Strategic Analysis of the Mexican Tire Aftermarket
Revenue Market Size Will Double over the Next 5–7 Years
18 Sep 2015
2015 North American Category Management Report—Lighting Components
Collision Repair, LEDs, and Premium Capsules Offer Growth Opportunities.
10 Sep 2015
Aftermarket Automotive Direct Glazing Adhesives Market—North American Outlook and Trends
Vibrant Auto Insurance Environment and Technician Training by Suppliers Propels Demand for Aftermarket DGX Adhesives
25 Aug 2015
Strategic Overview of United States Automotive Aftermarket Maintenance and Repair Service Channels
Industry Facing Potential Skilled Labor Crisis
19 Aug 2015
Opportunity Analysis of eRetailing for Automotive Tyres in Europe
Online Tyre Sales to Nearly Double in the Next 7 Years
14 Aug 2015
Executive Outlook of the Future of Automotive Retail
Beyond 2020, Digitization will Enable Lead Conversion Ratio Improvements of More than 80%
29 Jun 2015

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