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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Communication & IT Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Enterprise Data Storage Market Insights
Future Technologies and Trends Will Drive Market Growth
25 Sep 2015
Global and ASEAN eCommerce Outlook
Seeking the Next $1 Trillion Opportunity
16 Sep 2015
New Mega Trends in India
Macro to Micro Implications to Businesses, People, and Society
25 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa—Financial Services Sector
How Financial Services Providers Optimise Emerging Technologies to Improve Access to Services and Reduce Costs
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Oil and Gas
Using ICT Innovations to Build a Smarter Oil and Gas Sector
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Public Sector
How ICT is Transforming the Digital Future of the Public Sector
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Retail Sector
Mobility and Improved Connectivity Drive the Evolution of Retail
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Mining Sector
Increased ICT Spending Leads to More Efficient Mining Operations
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa—Healthcare Sector
Leveraging ICT Innovations to Enhance the Delivery of Healthcare Products
07 May 2015
ICT Spend in South Africa: Manufacturing Sector
ICT Births New Era of Leaner, More Agile, and Digitised Manufacturing
07 May 2015
The Changing Role of CIOs/CTOs: How ICT Solutions Enable Efficiency and Drive Revenue
The Key Decision Maker must also be an Innovation Expert and a Service Broker
16 Apr 2015
Analysis of the Global Enterprise Rights Management Market
Surge in Demand from Compliance and Anti-Hacker Needs, and Analytics-based Monitoring Rejuvenate Stagnant Industry
06 Apr 2015

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