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This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Healthcare Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Global Next-generation Sequencing Trends
An End-user Perspective
22 Sep 2014
Outlook of Simulation Training Across Global Non-Defence Markets of Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Healthcare
Safety Boost Simulation Training to Alleviate High-risk Operations
12 Sep 2014
Pharmaceutical Industry in Ghana and Nigeria
A Ripe Business Opportunity for Big Pharma and Generic Pharma Companies
19 Jun 2014
Analysis of the Nigerian Patient Monitor Market
Urbanisation is the Key Market Growth Driver
25 Oct 2013
Overview of the 12I Tax Incentive in South Africa
Significant Tax Allowances for Manufacturing Assets and Skills Development
16 Oct 2013
The South African mHealth Market
Participants Concentrate on Finding Sustainable Revenue Models
29 Aug 2013
2013 Global Medical Devices Outlook
Positioning for the Future
16 Jul 2013
Top Products in a Kenyan Private Hospital
A Case Study Reveals Top-selling Therapeutics in a Nairobi Private Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy
10 Jul 2013
2013 Global Medical Imaging Equipment Market Outlook
Positioning for the Future
27 Jun 2013
Analysis of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Market in Egypt
Partnerships are Key to Effective Market Penetration
31 May 2013
Analysis of the South African Medical Imaging Market
Improved Diagnosis and Treatment Through Adoption of New Technologies
19 Apr 2013
Healthcare Infrastructure: Market for New and Revitalized Hospitals in Kenya
Analysis of Investment Trends and Opportunities
27 Mar 2013

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