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Global Powertrain and Electric Vehicle Research

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Electric Vehicle Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Latin American Passenger Vehicle Market Outlook, 2016
Strong Sales Persist Despite Economic Uncertainty, Future to Embrace Powertrain, E-mobility and Connected Cars
23 Mar 2016
Global Heavy-Duty (HD) Transit Bus Market, Forecast to 2022
Hybrid and Electric Powertrain to Account for Increasing Share of Total Transit Bus Sales as Market Hits Top Gear with New Energy Offerings
18 Mar 2016
Global Powertrain Market Outlook, 2016
Direct injection (DI) Technology and High-Speed Transmissions to Make Gains as Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales Boom
16 Mar 2016
Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2016
China in Driver's Seat, Strong Prospects for Plugin Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Sales
15 Mar 2016
Global Automotive Industry Outlook, 2016
Sales to Skyrocket Amid Niche Technologies Moving Mass Market and Changes Across Automotive Value and Supply Chains
01 Mar 2016
European OEM Powertrain Strategies for CO2 Compliance, 2020
Early Innovators in Advanced Combustion and EV Technologies to Promote Sustainable Compliance
01 Mar 2016
Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum 2015: Lowering Transport Emissions and Developing Next-generation Vehicles for the United Kingdom 21 Jan 2016
Impact of Euro VII on European Heavy-Duty Truck Market
Use of Improved Technologies, Better Vehicle Design to Push Up Truck Prices by 5–10% between 2019 and 2022
07 Jan 2016
Chinese Hybrids and Electric Passenger Vehicles Market, Forecast to 2022
Government Support for New Energy Vehicle Technologies to Set-off Explosive Growth Opportunities
05 Jan 2016
Electric Vehicle Market in Latin America, Forecast to 2023
Brazil to Emerge Powerhouse Performer as Pilot Programs, B2B EV Fleets and B2C Vehicle Introductions Propel Regional Market Growth
05 Jan 2016
Global Electric Vehicles Market Forecast Database
Stringent Emission Regulations and Super Credits to Boost Market for Electric Vehicles
23 Nov 2015
Aluminum in Passenger Vehicles—Trends, Implications, and Opportunities
Most OEMs Expected to Produce a Model with at Least 500 Pounds of Aluminum by 2025
23 Nov 2015

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