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Global Powertrain and Electric Vehicle Research

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Electric Vehicle Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Executive Overview of Global Market for Transmission Technologies
Dual Clutch, High Speed, and Electrified Transmissions to Drive Market Growth
23 Sep 2015
Executive Analysis for European Emission Standards and Testing Procedures
Use of Advanced Powertrain Technologies will be the Key Strategy to Adopt New Test Procedures
15 Sep 2015
How 3D Car Configurator technology can shift the point of engagement upstream in the Customer Journey
The game changer in automotive retail
08 Sep 2015
Future Battery Chemistries in Plugin Hybrid and Electric Vehicle - Li-S to Emerge as a Top Alternative to Li-ion post 2020 02 Sep 2015
The Future of the Luxury Electric Vehicle Market
Customer Demand for Luxury Electric Vehicle will Depend on the Product Ownership Experience
13 Aug 2015
Role of Exhaust After-treatment Solution in Reducing Tailpipe Emissions 2016 and 2020 Global Outlook
Key Strategy to Comply with Stringent Emission Norms
10 Aug 2015
Electrified Driverless Cars Drive Tier I M&As 07 Aug 2015
The Largest Untapped Automotive Market on the Planet—The Islamic Republic of Iran
A Perspective of the Iranian Automotive Industry—One of the Least Explored Automotive Markets
23 Jul 2015
Intelligent Mobility 2015 Conference: Digital Transformation Turns Mobility into 'Asset light, Technology heavy' Industry 07 Jul 2015
The Business Case for Dual Voltage Power-net Using 48 v: beyond Carbon Emission Reduction 03 Jul 2015
The 48v Power-net Market in Europe and North America
Porting Power-hungry Applications to 48v Boosts Performance and Drops CO2 Emissions up to 15%
10 Jun 2015
Can 48v solve the ever-increasing on-board electrical load requirement in passenger cars? 28 May 2015

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