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Big Data and Analytics (BDA)

The world is creating 2.5 exabytes of data daily. Every organization needs to access that tidal wave of information to make better, faster decisions—or risks being left behind.

• If you are a big data and analytics (BDA) buyer: how can you access, manage, and distribute data—so your people can work smarter, and your company can prosper in the ultra-competitive global economy?

• If you are a BDA provider: how can you keep your finger on the pulse of the market—so you can compete most effectively and deliver solutions buyers want?

• If you are an investor: where should you place your bets?

Our BDA program can help. We perform ongoing research to provide you with up-to-date insights and perspectives on industry and technology trends, market measurements and forecasts, and strategic movements. With a global team of 300+ analysts and consultants focused on big data applications and enabling technologies, Frost & Sullivan offers the most comprehensive research into the ecosystem, new business models, business and consumer applications, and much more.

Contact your Frost & Sullivan account executive or Jeff Cotrupe +1 812.814.4410 or today for more information about this beneficial program, available as Frost & Sullivan Service ID 9A37-C1.
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Title Published
Stratecast Predictions 2017: The Year Ahead 14 Dec 2016
Big Data Telecommunications Market Evolution in Latin America
Growth Opportunities for Latin American Telcos with Big Data Bringing Benefits to Customer Service and Business Strategies
09 Dec 2016
AI versus Analyst: Can Your Company Replace Analyst Firms with Artificial (ahem, “Augmented”) Intelligence? 28 Oct 2016
Real-time Cities and Open Data 2.0—A Step towards Tangible Outcomes and Viable Economic Models 07 Oct 2016
Software-Defined Data Center 2.0: Stratoscale Platform Enhances Automated Infrastructure Management 06 Oct 2016
2016 Big Data & Analytics Vendor Directory: Customer Experience, Marketing, and Sales Analytics 30 Sep 2016
2016 Big Data & Analytics Vendor Directory: Social and Site Analytics 30 Sep 2016
2016 Big Data & Analytics Vendor Directory: Mobile, Retail, and Location Analytics 29 Sep 2016
2016 Big Data & Analytics Vendor Directory: Business Process and Strategic Analytics 28 Sep 2016
2016 Big Data & Analytics Vendor Directory: BDA Core Products and Services 28 Sep 2016
European Decision Maker Sentiment—Big Data & Analytics
Snapshot of End Users’ Investment Attitudes to Technology Trends
09 Sep 2016
Growth Opportunities for Healthcare Big Data—An Analysis of Global Case Studies
Big Data Initiatives Targeted at Health Prediction and Precision
08 Sep 2016

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