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Big Data and Analytics (BDA)

The world is creating 2.5 exabytes of data daily. Every organization needs to access that tidal wave of information to make better, faster decisions—or risks being left behind.

• If you are a big data and analytics (BDA) buyer: how can you access, manage, and distribute data—so your people can work smarter, and your company can prosper in the ultra-competitive global economy?

• If you are a BDA provider: how can you keep your finger on the pulse of the market—so you can compete most effectively and deliver solutions buyers want?

• If you are an investor: where should you place your bets?

Our BDA program can help. We perform ongoing research to provide you with up-to-date insights and perspectives on industry and technology trends, market measurements and forecasts, and strategic movements. With a global team of 300+ analysts and consultants focused on big data applications and enabling technologies, Frost & Sullivan offers the most comprehensive research into the ecosystem, new business models, business and consumer applications, and much more.

Contact your Frost & Sullivan account executive or Jeff Cotrupe +1 812.814.4410 or today for more information about this beneficial program, available as Frost & Sullivan Service ID 9A37-C1.
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Title Published
Big Data Analytics in Facilities Management
Data Can Drive Performance 'Behind-the-scenes'
04 May 2015
Big Data Opportunities in the US Medical Imaging Market
Assessing Market Opportunities for Big Data Management and Big Data Analytics in Medical Imaging
16 Apr 2015
Actionable versus Predictive Intelligence: Nuanced Approaches to Operational Analytics 15 Apr 2015
Executive Impact Analysis of Big Data in the Trucking Industry
Rising Downtime Reduction and Empty Miles Concerns Expediting Big Data Adoption in the Trucking Industry
06 Apr 2015
Advertisers are Getting the Wrong Impressions; Facebook and the MRC Offer New Points of View 03 Apr 2015
Machine Learning Meets Marketing 01 Apr 2015
Database Security in a Dynamic IT World 27 Mar 2015
Customers Want Fast Answers Online, Not Waiting on a Phone Line: Virtual Assistants are Essential 26 Mar 2015
Big Data and Analytics: Disruption and Adaptation 20 Feb 2015
Security Today Demands New Approaches Built on Machine Learning and Big Data 20 Feb 2015
"Big Data" Analytics in Network Security: Computational Automation of Security Professionals 13 Feb 2015
Top 10 ICT Trends for Africa in 2015
Future ICT Trends and Growth Opportunities in Africa
27 Jan 2015

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