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Global Mobility Research

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the Mobility Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Strategic Analysis of the Medium- to Heavy-duty Hybrid and Electric Commercial Vehicle Market in EMEA Region
Aggressive Expansion Strategy is Key to Electrifying Opportunities in a Hyper-competitive Market
18 Apr 2012
Strategic Analysis of the Microcars Market in Japan
Electric Kei Cars Likely to be an Emerging Segment
04 Apr 2012
Analysis of Connectivity, App Stores and Cloud-based Delivery Platforms
Future of Connected Infotainment and Telematics Market
03 Feb 2012
Strategic Analysis of the Global Automotive Market for IT Mobility Platforms
Billing and Smart Charging as Two Key Opportunity Areas in the EV Infrastructure Segment
30 Jan 2012
U.S. Generation “Y”:  Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Environment and Personal Mobility Needs and Vehicle Preferences
Gen "Y" redefines the future of mobility in the U.S.
30 Jan 2012
EU "Generation Y" Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Environment, Personal Mobility Needs, and Vehicle Preferences
Vehicle personalisation and new technologies attract Gen "Y"
26 Jan 2012
Strategic Overview of the North American Microelectric Vehicles Market
Emergence of the Medium-speed Vehicles Segment
21 Oct 2011
Strategic Analysis of the Global High Speed Rail Market
Global High Speed Rail Market
16 Jun 2011
Strategic Analysis of the European Microcars Market
New Era of Micro Mobility - The Sub-A Vehicle Segment
28 Apr 2011
Strategic Analysis of Carsharing Market in Japan
Japanese Carsharing Market
10 Feb 2011
Electric Vehicles: The Voice of the U.S. Fleet Customers
Electric Vehicles
05 Jan 2011
Impact of Urbanization and Development of Megacities on Personal Mobility and Vehicle Technology Planning 16 Nov 2010

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