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Information & Communications Technologies - Total Integrated, Latin America

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the ICT Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Global UCC Industry Outlook, 2019
Rich Media Capabilities Shine in the Next-gen Workplace
21 May 2019
Brazilian IT Outsourcing Market, Forecast to 2024
Application Management will Drive Market Growth as Digital Transformation Increases in Relevance
20 May 2019
Cloud IP Telephony and UC&C Services Market in Latin America and the Caribbean, Forecast to 2025
New Value Propositions Drive Growth in Various Segments
08 May 2019
Colombian Total Telecommunications Services Market and New Opportunities for Operators, Forecast to 2023
Services Based on Analytics and IoT Will Drive Market Growth
07 May 2019
Global Web Security Market, Forecast to 2023
Growth Driven by New Attack Techniques, Increased Web Traffic and Cloud Migration
29 Apr 2019
Latin America and the Caribbean; Customer Service Leadership Award - Business Transformation and Customer Care Services 08 Mar 2019
Global Email Security Market, Forecast to 2022
Growth Driven by New Attack Techniques as Organizations Move to the Cloud
08 Mar 2019
Latin American LPWAN Industry, Forecast to 2023
The Rise of IoT Creates Niche Markets, Forcing Mobile Carriers to Re-strategize Network Development to Meet Local Needs and Compete with Both Telcos and Non-telcos
26 Feb 2019
Analysis of the Global Consumer Headphones Market, 2018
Growth Opportunities for Consumer Headphones in Music and Sports
14 Dec 2018
Communications Platforms as a Service Buyer’s Guide, 2018
Understanding the Diverse Competitors and Business Models in the CPaaS Market is Key to Choosing the Right Partner
28 Nov 2018
Growth Opportunities for Global Wireless Content Sharing Market, Forecast to 2022
BYOD and Need for Simplicity Catalyze Adoption
28 Nov 2018
Global Internet of Things (IoT) Device Market, Forecast to 2024
By 2024, there will be Over 7 Connected Devices per Human in the World, Driving Automation and Powering the Data Economy
21 Nov 2018

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