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Network Monetization and Decision Support Systems

This total service encompasses all of the research services completed by the ICT Group. Frost & Sullivan offers total market subscriptions for each of the major industry sectors.

Title Published
Malaysia Telecom Market Landscape 2014
Mobile data services and other emerging services will drive the Malaysian Telecom market
31 Dec 2014
Global Telecom Consumer Market Trends
Benchmarking/Case Studies and Strategies for Growth
18 Dec 2014
Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Internet of Things Market
Connecting Billions of Devices by 2020
23 Sep 2014
Understanding the Connected Vehicle Value Chain
Unlocking the Value of the Connected Vehicle
16 Sep 2014
The Russian Internet Landscape
In the Global Internet Landscape, Russia Remains a Different Land
11 Sep 2014
Analysis of the APAC Mobile Commerce Market 2013
Cross-Industry Collaboration Needed to Drive Growth
13 Jun 2014
Vital Signs - M2M and mHealth Solutions Revolutionizing Healthcare 07 Apr 2014
New Mega Trends in Indonesia
Macro-to-micro Implications of Mega Trends on Business, Society, and Personal Lives
27 Mar 2014
Mobile Broadband in Russia
Mobile Broadband Race Sustains Pressures for Smart Pricing
12 Mar 2014
European M2M Outlook
Catching the Next Wave
10 Mar 2014
What is Driving Rapid Growth in the Australian Mobile Advertising Market? 10 Dec 2013
2013 European ICT Vertical Market Model
The Drive Towards a Connected Society Begins with Next Generation Communications Network Rollout
01 Oct 2013

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