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Global Telematics, Infotainment, Connectivity and HMI Research

Global Telematics, Infotainment, Connectivity and HMI Research

Title Published
Future of Driving in China—New Mobility Business Models in China
Internet Connectivity and Convergence Bring New Market Improvements in the Future of Driving in China
27 Oct 2016
Cockpit and Cabin Strategies of Automakers 2016–2025
Proliferation of Digital Instrument Clusters to Grow by 2.5x, as They are Poised to Feature in 1 in Every 4 Passenger Vehicles Sold by 2025
26 Oct 2016
OEM Strategies for Connected Cars in Latin America by 2023
About 8.5 Million Connected Cars Expected on the Region’s Roads, with Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia Leading the Way
19 Oct 2016
Future Technologies Implementation in ASEAN Automotive Market
Japanese OEMs to be Frontrunners in Offering Innovative Powertrain and Safety Technologies
05 Oct 2016
Indian Commercial Vehicles Market Trends and Forecasts
Business Model Impact in the Face of Impeding Segmental Shifts and Demand Drivers
30 Sep 2016
Latin American Advanced Automotive Features Market and Optional/Standard Strategies of OEMs, Forecast to 2022
ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, and Sustainability Are the Key Themes Influencing Feature Strategies in LATAM
30 Sep 2016
Lytx, World Leader in Video Telematics, Venturing Beyond Trucks with the Launch of Unisyn™, Offering Video Solutions for Real-time Fleet Field Operations 30 Sep 2016
Executive Analysis of Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in Cars, Forecast to 2025
Investments Worth $7.1 Billion to Develop 12 Use Cases across 3 Broad Applications by 2025
19 Sep 2016
HARMAN & AT&T's Connected Car Partnership: Modularity to Answer Future Needs of Connected Cars 16 Sep 2016
Analysis of Driver Monitoring Systems in Passenger Cars
Camera-based Monitoring Systems Expected to Reach ~2 Million Units by 2022; European Luxury OEMs will Take the Lead
26 Aug 2016
Innovations in Automotive Interiors - Automotive and Transportation TOE 12 Aug 2016
Wearables Integration in Cars—Use Cases, Impact, OEM Activities, and Future Possibilities
Opportunity for the Automotive Industry to Find New Ways to Support and Learn from its Customers
05 Aug 2016

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