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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Navigating Digital Transformation in Energy
A Customer Perspective
22 Sep 2016
Navigating an Era of Global Digital Transformation—A Customer Perspective
The Future of IT from a Customer Perspective
22 Sep 2016
Technology Start-ups in the United Kingdom: Challenges or Business as Usual in Brexit Britain? 21 Sep 2016
Navigating an Era of Digital Transformation in Finance, Insurance and Banking
A Customer Perspective
21 Sep 2016
Executive Analysis of Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in Cars, Forecast to 2025
Investments Worth $7.1 Billion to Develop 12 Use Cases across 3 Broad Applications by 2025
19 Sep 2016
Digital Disruption of Industries Research Series—ICT Opportunities in the Global Building Automation Market
Wider Use of Analytics will Broaden and Accelerate Building Automation Adoption
16 Sep 2016
Digital Disruption of Industries—ICT Opportunities in Industrial Automation Industry
IT Service Providers Will Play a Key Role in the Industrial Internet of Things
13 Sep 2016
European Decision Maker Sentiment—Big Data & Analytics
Snapshot of End Users’ Investment Attitudes to Technology Trends
09 Sep 2016
Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Industry
A New Data Infrastructure for Interoperable Services and Secure Records
01 Sep 2016
European Data Forum 2016: Scaling Up the European Data Economy 19 Aug 2016
Blockchain in the Legal Industry: Enabling Transformation through Automation 12 Aug 2016
Blockchain Applications in the Energy Sector
A New Data Paradigm Enabling Decentralized Generation
10 Aug 2016

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