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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Blockchain Applications in the Healthcare Industry
A New Data Infrastructure for Interoperable Services and Secure Records
01 Sep 2016
European Data Forum 2016: Scaling Up the European Data Economy 19 Aug 2016
Blockchain in the Legal Industry: Enabling Transformation through Automation 12 Aug 2016
Blockchain Applications in the Energy Sector
A New Data Paradigm Enabling Decentralized Generation
10 Aug 2016
Retail Convergence: Augmenting Physical Retail and Introducing the Human Factor and In-store Experience into Online Retail 04 Aug 2016
Blending In: Robotics Moving from Industrial to Social 21 Jul 2016
The Rise of the New Consumer 15 Jul 2016
Virtual Reality and Video Streaming Entering the European Contact Centre 04 Jul 2016
Driving Digital Transformation Through Tactical Thinking 04 Jul 2016
Digital Disruption in the Global Education Sector
Micro to Macro Implications of New Trends and Game-changing Technologies in Education
23 Jun 2016
Low Power Wide Area Network Operators
An Alternative to Cellular Technology
06 Jun 2016
Real-time Cities—Second Wave Cities
Coordination Challenges and the Opportunity of Needs-driven Technology Deployment in Brussels, Oslo, and Manchester
31 May 2016

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