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Digital Transformation of Industries

ICT in Vertical Markets

Title Published
Office of the Future–Part 1: Wearables and Augmented Reality
Access to Real-Time Contextual Information through Such Technologies Aids Decision Making and/or Enhances Experience
20 May 2016
Analysis of Asia-Pacific Internet of Things in the Home
Increasing Connectivity Leads to Exponential Growth in Smart Homes Market
19 May 2016
Messaging Bots and Virtual Assistants - Capturing Growth with New User Interaction Paradigms
Leading Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Viber Positioned to Act as Platforms for Messaging Bots
17 May 2016
The Definitive Blockchain Conference - Consensus 2016
Blockchain Start-ups Ranging from Cryptocurrency Services to Technology Platforms Have Raised $1.1 Billion in Investments
17 May 2016
Mega Trends in the European Software Industry, 2016
Savvy Consumers Motivate Development of New Technologies, Augmented eLearning, Blockchain and Consumer Micro-income Streams on Fast Track
12 May 2016
Wearable Technologies in Sports
Techniques, Health and Performance in Line for Disruption, Buzz Surrounds Technique Optimization and Performance Monitoring Technologies
10 May 2016
Digital Transformation in the Global Food & Agriculture Market
Harmonized Food Safety Information, Big Data Analytics and, Rapid Detection Methods Benefit from Enhanced Precision and Food Security Needs
09 May 2016
Robots at Work - Impressions from The Digital and Social Media Leadership Foundation Event, March 2016
Security and Careful Engagement to be Cornerstones of Artificial Intelligence Development
03 May 2016
Mobile Pulse Meeting on Smart Cities by the Norwegian Computer Society -Impressions, April 2016
Opportunities for Municipalities and Technology Service Providers to Advance the Smart City Vision in Norway
03 May 2016
Internet of Things (IoT)—Top Trends and Recommendations, H2 2015
Machine Learning, Blockchain and Connected Car Technologies Hold Tremendous Transformative Promise
26 Apr 2016
Blockchains - Redefining Cybersecurity in a Digital Environment
Complete, Flexible, Stable, and Independent TSM Solutions to Sustain Growth Momentum
25 Apr 2016
Convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Agriculture
Move to Balance Spiraling Food Needs with Minimized Environmental Impact Gains Momentum with Precision Agriculture, Agricultural Drones, Vertical Farming and, Driverless Tractors
11 Apr 2016

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